Four of the six pieces of legislation on the national security of Romania lost their confidential status on Tuesday as they were published on the Romanian Presidency website.

The four relate to the intelligence, counter-intelligence and security activities, the professional status and career of intelligence officers, the organization and functioning of the Foreign Intelligence Service-SIE and the organization and functioning of the Romanian Intelligence Service – SRI.

The military analyst Radu Tudor said for that the new national strategy law brought a revolution to the Romanian national security, very necessary in the context of NATO membership. The strategy draws on European and American military laws.

The new laws dropped the special status of the intelligence officers, but still needed clearer clauses and a more prominent parliamentary control.

The Supreme Defense Council (CSAT) of Romania approved Monday without significant changes the draft national security strategy which is due to be submitted to public debate for 30 days before receiving the government approval.

President Traian Basescu has also said institutions that hold files of the Communist-era political police, the Securitate, had been informed they would have to deliver the documents to the CSAT before May 30 this year.

He said he would take responsibility for the draft laws and called PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s calls to remove references to good governance in the documents as "errors", taking into account that the good governance is also part of the EU constutional treaty.