The infernal road traffic between the Romanian capital Bucharest and its international airport Henri Coanda has been producing major problems for tourists and travellers as many are missing their flights, according to representatives of tourism agency.

"The first tourists that have complained about missing flights blamed the difficult traffic to the Henri Coanda International Airport. It is an extremely serious situation for Romanian incoming", a press release of the National Tourism Association (ANAT) says.

ANAT head Gheorghe Fodoreanu has said 18 foreign tourists who have concluded their trips to Romania lost their flights over the past week. Ahd he said he spoke only of small buses for a very limited number of travellers that couldn’t arrive in time at the airport.

The situation risks to become even more serious when large groups of tourists start arriving to Romania in May and will need bigger buses of 30-40 seats, which if caught in traffic would present a major issue.

Fodoreanu also said airline companies are desperate as they cannot provide tourists with necessary data about the time to get to and fro the airport.

That is why he called for urgent measures to guarantee a smooth road traffic in and around Bucharest.