It’s all about the money today, as this seems to be the recurrent motif of the press on Thursday. International tennis player Ilie Nastase receives a 6 ha public property from PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, while former PM Adrian Nastase’s bank accounts are searched thoroughly. Romanians seem not to handle money very well; only one in five manages to save some money monthly.

Big money loss is reported in the Army, due to bad money management, whereas former Securitate collaborators’ files are, allegedly, better "managed" by the Council of Security and Defense of the Country, run by president Traian Basescu. The Danube knocks at the Iron Gates damn, and threatens to burst all in.

EVZ brings to the front Ilie Nastase, former brilliant tennis player, who is now perceived by the Romanians as a businessman. However, the Government gave Nastatse 6 ha from the public property, somewhere in the northern part of Bucharest, to build a modern tennis academy.

A square meter in the area amounts to 800 euros and Nastase's plot values 50 million Euros.

The daily reveals the history of the land, initially granted through concession procedure by the government Radu Vasile to Nastase and an ally, of whom the tennis player would get rid of. During the PSD mandate, Ilie Nastase did not get the property, but finally last month PM Tariceanu signed the concession papers and gave Nastase the right to employ the property for free for the next 60 years.

A more in depth survey about money is published by Gandul, which writes that 4 out of 5 Romanians don’t manage to save any money. This means that only four million Romanians put some little money aside every month, out of which only 11 percent manage to save more than 5 million lei. (500 RON.)

In terms of saving trends, 4 percent opt for an investment fund, 8 percent for life insurance 7 percent for house insurance and 19 percent for bank loans.

Gandul also writes about former PM Adrian Nastase’s bank account, under vigilant eye of the DNA prosecutors who are trying to track down the bribe that charges are founded on in the Zambaccian case. Nastase’s wife money accounts and his allies’ are also under the magnifying glass of investigators.

Jurnalul National accounts about the Danube’s high waters after having reached a record debit yesterday of 15,000 cm/s at the entry point into Romania. There are pessimistic expectations still, as in Belgrade the Danube’s waters are on the rise.

The river’s depth reached 780 cm at Bazias, and in the counties of Caras Severin and Mehedinti waters produced some flood damages to several households.

Adevarul reveals the bad money management in the Romanian Army. The Ministry of Defense recorded losses of 23 million US dollars and 37 million dollars unjustified expenses, in 2005. The minister Theorodor Athanasiu took action to punish bad managers, stealing, irresponsible waste, and many of the military staff are under investigation by prosecutors.

Cotidianul doesn’t give up the collaboration with former Securitate topic and writes about a Social Democratic senator’s accusation that the Council of Security and Defense of the Country, run by president Traian Basescu, is protecting politicians with a stained past.

Sport also makes a comeback to the front page of EVZ and some other dailies, as last night the UEFA quarterfinalist Rapid won against the leader of the Romanian soccer championship Dinamo , 3-0, and launched anew the fight for the title. The UEFA semi finalist Steaua is now in the first position.