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European Commissioner: Romania needs comprehensive, realistic investment strategy

Marţi, 11 aprilie 2006, 0:00

Environment is one field in which Romania registered outstanding progress but there are still several issues to be solved in the sector, such as the transparency of the decision-making process, the management of European funds and of residues, European Commissioner for Environment Stavros Dimas said in Bucharest on Tuesday.

He said that after the EU accession Romania will have to fulfill its duties towards the Union in a continuous manner and that for that the country needed a comprehensive and realistic strategy of investments.

He mentioned strategic global planification, the clarification of responsibilities between various authorities, the conclusion of regional planning for residue management and the consolidation of existing environment-related laws as priorities for Romania in the coming period.

And in order to take benefit of European funds Romania must produce well-documented impact studies, set co-funding sources and cooperate strategically with various international institutions, he said.

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