A maverick former politician that has accused President Traian Basescu of collaborating with the Communist secret police the Securitate in his youth days has submitted the documents supporting his claim to the CNSAS, the Romanian institution studying the archives of the Securitate, it was announced on Tuesday.

The National Council for Studying Securitate Archives - CNSAS received the documents made public yesterday by Mugur Ciuvica, leader of the Group for Political Investigation, that allegedly showed president Traian Basescu had collaborated with the former communist militia, aka Securitate, while being a student at the Marine Institute in Constanta.

According to the documents presented by the former adversary of the president Basescu, Ciuvica accuses once more Basescu of collaboration with former Securitate, after losing a label trial sued by the president.

The secret documents bear the signature of the General Directorate of Information within the Defense Ministry and convey the message that Traian Basescu collaborated with the former Securitate during 1973 – 1976.

President Traian Basescu denied any involvement with the Securitate as a secret police body and the Presidency released an official document that reminded that the pieces of information presented publicly had already been a probe in the label trial won by Basescu against Ciuvica.