Rising Danube waters broke a dam in Isaccea, Tulcea county in south-east Romania on Monday as the Environment Ministry in Bucharest warned the river is swelling along most of Romania’s southern border and down to the Danube Delta.

The Isaccea dam was considered to be one of the most secure dams in the area, but it broke before the tides threatening dozens of households and confirming grim reports of Danube floods for the coming days.

The Environment Ministry and hydrology experts warn the situation will worsen this week as expectations hint of a Danube flow level at 13,900 cubic meters per second, well above flooding level.

The flow already reached 13,700 cubic meters and more at Bazias and at the Portile de Fier I and II dams, prompting high alert among authorities.

Flood warning were first issued last week after the Danube river sparked serious trouble across upstream countries.