Rom Canada Group will build a ten-block residential complex in a very populated area in Bucharest, close to two commercial centers, Cora and Plaza Romania, valued at 35 million Euros, the company’s manager Rosenman Lior said in a press conference on Wednesday.

The project "West Park" is to be carried out in three phases that will last for five years; the first phase entails the building of four blocks of flats, according to the Marketing manager’s statement for

West Park will cover a 3 ha area, and will provide 500 apartments, kindergarten, playground, pool and gym hall. The price of an apartment ranges from 69,000 and 103,000 Euros, plus the VAT.

The company will build another residential area in the city of Ploiesti, investment that amounts to15 mln euros.

The Rom Canada Group has also contributed to the building of the Neocity Tower and River Gate office buildings in Bucharest.