President Traian Basescu launched a wave of attacks against his political challengers in a talk-show on Antena1 TV station Wednesday. His main targets were several parties of the governing coalition, which he believes has no chance of survival for the long term but must stay as is until Romania joins the EU next year.

The President said he supported the revelation the actions of the former Communist secret police, the Securitate, and a low on lustration – the naming of former Communist officials still in power today. But he said these two could not be done without a proper preparation even if it was already going too late for Romanian people to learn what Communists they still had to deal with.

According to Basescu, the recent political and social confrontation on the margins of the naming of a new head for CNSAS, the institution studying the archives of the former Securitate, was nothing but a fight for the political control over it.

He even attacked the man initially credited with most chances to take the job, Ticu Dumitrescu, who while a known anti-Communist had received a Communist award for his deeds in the early days of the Communist regime.

And he said he now regretted naming Liberal Calin Popescu Tariceanu the prime minister of Romania, taking into account how Tariceanu was departing from the original goals of the governing D.A. Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in favor of a closer relationship with interest groups "that smell of oil".