A preventive arrest warrant was issued Tuesday on the name of businessman Marian Iancu for his role in a series of frauds related to the Rafo refinery in Eastern Romania, a case that also involves the already arrested businessman Ovidiu Tender. Iancu is investigated for a producing a prejudice of 270 million RON to the Rafo refinery.

Iancu’s lawyers may challenge the preventive arrest decision within 24 hours.

The last judicial grilling Iancu went through in the Rafo case took place on March 6 this year.

Marian Iancu is the manager of VGB Impex SRL and the owner of the Poli Timisoara football club. He is charged with money laundering, the formation of and participation to an organized crime group, complicity to fraud and others, according to judicial sources.

He’s been put under investigation along Tender and eight other people in August 2005 for illegal commercial activities involving VGB, the Rafo refinery, and two other companies - Tender SA and Carom SA.