Some 50% of Romanians believe the lack of trust among Westerners when it comes to Romania is due to pandemic corruption in the country, according to a poll published this weekend.

The poll, produced by the CIVIS Center for Sociologic Investigations and Analyses in late march, says the same distrust should also be blamed on Romanian gypsy migrants, the slow pace of reform and the fact that most Romanians lack seriousness.

According to the same poll, 52% of Romanians would vote for the D.A. Alliance of Liberals and Democrats that forms the core of the current government in case of early elections. 21% would vote for the Social-Democratic (PSD) opposition, 11% - the far-right Greater Romania Party, 6% - the populist New Generation Party and 5% - the Hungarian Democrats.

29% consider Hungary as a potential enemy state for Romania, 26% share the favor to Russia. Other such "enemies" include Iraq and Ukraine.