Romanian President said Monday that the Romanian Intelligence Service – SRI was unjustly accused of "continuing the practices of the former Securitate", ex-dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s secret police.

He said at the presentation of the report on SRI activities in 2005 today that he regretted how SRI landed at the heart of a political dispute between the governing parties and promised he would do his best to prevent such things to happen again.

He referred to the recent disputes between the governing Liberals and Democrats on who should lead the Center for the Study of Securitate Archives (CNSAS), the institution due to clear things up about ex-secret police officers and informers.

"Not everything-SRI is a state secret", Basescu said, warning that many aspects of the SRI "life" can be made public and thus help providing a deeper transparency for the service.

Basescu said SRI itself should be blamed along other state institutions for unjustly creating the current image deficiencies of the Service.