The former speaker of the Romanian House of Deputies Adrian Nastase was subpoenaed to the General Prosecutor’s Office on Friday following a denunciation by the Liberal group of the House which accused Nastase of abuse of office. The denunciation aimed at Nastase’s approach of his own properties search while still House speaker.

Nastase stated for the press that "this case was a serious violation of the Constitution and the principle of the separation of powers," refusing to give any statement for the Prosecutors who were not legally allowed to question MPs for their oppinions or votes expressed while on duty.

On February 9, Justice minister Monica Macovei requested Adrian Nastase as the speaker of the House of Deputies to approve a search request of two of Nastase’s properties, as valuable probes within the Zambaccian case.

In Zambaccian case, Adrian Nastase is charged with bribe and traffic of influence, along with other persons, one of which his wife Dana Nastase.