The Board of Directors of the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce and the Moldovan-American Chamber of Commerce denounced the Russian Federation’s March 27th ban on Moldovan wine, calling it an "act of retribution" against Moldova for seeking the removal of Russian troops from its borders, and for Moldova’s support of efforts to prevent smuggling in the region.

Moldova, with the encouragement of Ukraine, the United States, and the European Union, is trying to integrate its breakaway Transdniestrian region – a region with a rogue administration propped up by Russian troops and regarded by the EU and the US as the "black hole" of Europe.

The Russians have remained in Moldova despite a unanimous vote of the Moldovan Parliament demanding their removal from the country’s sovereign territory.

On March 27, Russian authorities imposed a ban on the import of all wines from Moldova, traditionally a leading supplier to Russia's market. (Moldova sells up to 85% of its wine in Russia.) The Russian government had already banned the import of Moldovan meat, meat products, and plants since April 2005.

The RACC and MACC boards noted that the Russian ban amounts to a unilateral sanction by a candidate to the World Trade Organization in violation of the rules of the WTO that prohibit such actions against member states such as Moldova.

The RACC and MACC have called upon WTO member states to strictly enforce the organization’s rules and not admit Russia until it complies with the obligations of membership in the WTO and removes its troops from Moldovan territory.

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