Romanian president Traian Basescu talked on Friday about Romania’s partnerships with EU and NATO at the European Popular Party (EPP) Congress in Rome, assuring the Union that Romania’s accession on January 1 will not create any problems to the Community.

Basescu explained his presence at this kind of reunion as an opportunity to address the EPP, the most numerous party in the European Parliament, before the European summit in June, when a decision regarding Romania’s accession date is expected.

While holding his speech, there were Romania’s flag and the Democratic Party’s logo (PD) on the background, which sparked criticism from Romanian politicians, as the president did not belong to any party while in office, although Basescu had been elected as leader of PD.

However, Basescu’s initiative to lobby for Romania’s accession to the EU was appreciated on the Romanian political scene. The head of state emphasized the Romania’s great responsibility as the new Eastern frontier of the EU, and referred to the importance of the country's external partnerships.

Basescu also stated that Europe must play its role of a global actor, capable of rapid force, and of speaking with one voice, targeting to strengthen the Common Foreign and Security Policy.