The Canadian company Gabriel Resources announced Thursday that all ten chapters of the impact study for Rosia Montana exploitation had been finalised by the independent experts team Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The result is to be sent to Romanian authorities in April, according to a company’s press release.

The EIA study covers all phases of exploitation and is a first in Romania, following the endorsement of the EU Directive regarding the mining wastes management. The EIA team is made up of 100 experts coming from 10 countries, including Romania.

The study is 5, 000 pages long and will be provided translations in English, Romanian, and also in Hungarian, partially.

Gabriel Resources Ltd. is a Canadian-based company currently engaged in the exploration and development of mineral properties in Romania, owning 80 per cent of Rosia Montana gold/silver project. The other 20 per cent belong to Romanian state company Minvest S.A. Deva (19.3 per cent) and three Romanian shareholders.