Non-government credit rose 50.2 per cent (38.5 per cent in real terms) at the end of this February, compared to February 2005, informs the National Bank of Romania (NBR). Non-government credit went up 1.3 per cent (1.0 percent in real terms) to 62,404 million RON.

Romanian currency loans rose 5.3 per cent (5.0 percent in real terms), while foreign currency loans fell by 2.4 percent if expressed in RON and up 1.3 percent if expressed in euro.

The net government credit posted a negative balance of -8,101 million RON (compared to -7,566 million RON in January 2006), mainly as a result of the increase in deposits in the General Account of the Treasury.

Net foreign assets declined 1.8 per cent to 45,643 million RON, with "Convertible currencies" going down 1.5 per cent and "Gold" falling 4.2 percent as a result of gold stock revaluation.

Net domestic assets went up 2.0 per cent to 40,034 million RON against the background of the 0.4 per cent rise in domestic credit to 54,303 million RON.