Romania’s trade deficit rose to 1.402 bln euro in the first two months of 2006, up from the 899.0 mln. reported in the same period last year, the National Statistics Institute announced Thursday. Exports rose by 22.5% to 3.874 bln. euro while imports upped by 29.9% to 5.277 bln. in January and February, compared to the first two months of 2005.

Cars, electrical devices and equipment constituted the bulk of exports (19.4%), with a 41.8% rise compared to the same period last year. But the most significant growth was reported by mineral products and transport materials with 72.4% and 81.5% rise respectively.

Exports to EU countries rose by 16.6%, as exports to the Union accounted for 69.2% of the overall amount. But imports from EU countries rose by 22.6% and accounted for 59.5% of the overall amount.

Valoarea importurilor provenite din tarile UE a crescut in primele doua luni ale acestui an cu 22,6%, iar ponderea importurilor din UE, din totalul importurilor a fost de 59,5%.