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Romanians prefer to be poor and rested than reach and exhausted

Miercuri, 29 martie 2006, 0:00

Most Romanians prefer a modest, but stable and predictable life, to a wealthy but stressful one in an unstable society, reveals a survey by INSOMAR which concludes that a culture of risk is still futuristic for Romanians.

84 percent of the subjects prefer a good health and little money to a possible decay caused by hard, well-paid working. Romanians also prefer a long but quiet life than one short and fulfilling, full of events.

To a larger extent, these preferences are translatable into choosing bank deposits over stocks investments, and working for the State (53%) than in the private sector or their own business (47%).

The INSOMAR analysts draw attention to the fact that "risk" is perceived by Romanians as danger, threat and not in relation to chance, opportunity or luck.

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