The Romanian Justice ministry has requested its Czech counterpart to arrest a Czech citizen sentenced to eight years in prison by the Romanian judiciary for instigation to murder. The call comes after the Justice Ministry in Prague has rejected an extradition request on the name of Frantisek Priplata last year.

Priplata has been sentenced to eight year in prison for instigation to the murder of Virgil Sahleanu, a trade union leader at the Iasi-based steel producer Tepro. Priplata managed to flee Romania to the Czech Republic, however.

And his legal representative has accused Romania of breaching the European Convention for Human Rights as the Romanian verdict came despite the court failed to summon any of the winesses requested by Priplata.

The Czech citizen has announced that he would not only bring Romania before the European Court for Human Rights, but he would also ask the European Commission to decide a postponement of Romania’s EU accession.