The Credisson company has announced it recorded a 37 percent growth in the first months of 2006, compared to the similar period last year. The lending volume granted by Credisson reached 30 mln Euro in the first three months of this year, mostly due to the development of the consumer lending segment, of the national selling network and of the innovation in financial services.

Credisson is a leader on the consumer lending market, with 20 percent of the market share, covering 150 urban centers across the country. The company was taken over by the Cetelem group belonging to French financial group BNP Paribas, no 1 in Europe in terms of consumer loans.

Throughout its three-year presence on the Romanian market, Credisson provided 750 000 persons with loans amounting to a total value of 300 mln Euro. The company boasta a network made up of 800 units and 800 employees.