Two female managers, Georgiana Pogonaru from Romcolor 2000 and Camelia Sucu from Mobexpert share the first spot in the latest "Top 100 Successful Women" special edition of the Romanian economic weekly Capital. Of the 100 personalities present in last year’s edition of the study, 95 appear in 2006 in Capital’s third such "chart".

60 new names were included in the run-up for the Top 100 honor however, 34 of which were included along the veterans in the latest edition.

The listing is based on the career, social involvement, notoriety and financial success of leading Romanian women from a large array of fields of activity. But their breakthroughs in 2005 were the most important criterion in the study.

Top management professionals dominate the listing with 29 appearances, followed by business women (27), artists (11) and others. Only four TV stars and 1 politician were included.

Top 10 successful Romanian women

1. Georgiana Pogonaru - general manager Romcolor 2000 (48 p.)

1. Camelia Sucu - manager Class Mobexpert (48 p.)

3. Maria Grapini – chairperson of the board, Pasmatex Timisoara (47 p.)

4. Mihaela Marcu Cristescu - pediatrician Medlife (46.25 p.)

5. Ana Diculescu Sova - attorney/senior partner NNDKP Law House (45.5 p.)

6. Anca Vlad – president Fildas (45 p.)

7. Carmen Ginghina – PhD professor, cardiologist (44.62 p.)

8. Maria Dorobantu – PhD professor, cardiologist (44.5 p.)

9. Crina Julieta Sinescu - cardiologist, university professor (44.12 p.)

10. Ana Culcer - neonatologist (43.75 p.)