Romanian newspapers take a deep breath after a period of political and judicial convulsions today and dedicate their pages to the spectacular – from the babies filing retrocession requests to the case of a little girl kept by his grandfather in a cage to stray dogs "euthanized" with insecticides and the existence of an archeological "bomb" underneath the capital city, Bucharest.

A hundred babies in towns and cities across the region of Moldova have filed retrocession requests and received, indeed, forested land, newspaper Gandul writes.

That was possible because the parents of these little children - some of them as young as a year and a half – could no longer file such request to local authorities because they had already obtained dozens of hectares of forest.

So they used babies such as one year-old Ciprian Mechno from the Izvoarele Sucevei township, who "declared" he was the heir of his grandfather and only used his family name to prove the claim. His request was approved.

Cotidianul leaves the grassroots and goes for more serious forest retrocession cases such as that of IPS Pimen, the Archbishop of Suceava, who has attacked Agriculture minister Gheorge Flutur, after he learned that the minister was no longer supporting him in obtaining forested land in the same region of Moldova.

Pimen now accuses Flutur of "being sold to the wood Mafia", the newspaper writes.

Tabloid Averea sticks with nature, but this time it goes urban. A campaign to euthanize stray dogs in Bucharest and surrounding towns, where the animals have been moved to and fro and many of them ended "in agonizing pain" as local authorities got rid of them using insecticides.

The local authorities in Bucharest and the respective towns used this manner of killing for stray dogs to please citizens maddened with the risk of being bitten anytime and to elude animal protection campaigners, according to the newspaper.

Meanwhile, the Red Dogs – the name used by supporters of the Bucharest-based Dinamo football club – managed to produce a wave of protests across the media following their confrontation with the gendarmerie in a match with Farul Constanta last weekend.

On the eve of the UEFA quarterfinals between Steaua and Rapid, two other Bucharest teams, the violence in the city of Constanta on Saturday prompted a wave of administrative measures and sanctions as Interior minister Vasile Blaga intervened himself to clear up the events, according to Evenimentul Zilei.

The newspaper reports on these measures under the headline: "We want hooligan-free stadiums!"

And the same newspaper writes the story of a girl who has lived the life of a dog after his grandfather in a poor Moldovan village locked her up to protect her from accidents.

After the story broke recently, social care assistants took the girl from her grandparents who are now desperately claim her back in what the newspaper calls "the painful clash between the rigors of civilization and traditionalism".

The same rigors came to light on the political stage as well recently, when the deputy head of the Bucharest City Hall, Liberal Ludovic Orban, attacked three women-politicians for allegedly building their career by sleeping with their bosses. The three are Liberal deputy Raluca Turcan, Bucharest prefect Mioara Mantale and former presidential aide Elena Udrea.

The three unleashed their rage at Orban’s statements yesterday and said they considered suing him, according to Adevarul.

The same newspaper notes the Sun eclipse tomorrow, March 29 will be partially visible from Romania, especially from south-east of the country, where 80% of the Sun will go dark. In Bucharest, the eclipse will last two hours and 25 minutes peaking at 1.57 pm.

But when Adevarul looks up, Ziua – a newspaper known for its opposition towards President Traian Basescu – looks down to what it calls an archeological "bomb" underneath Bucharest.

The newspaper points out that "priceless historical vestiges" lie in the underground of the Romanian capital and that anybody who buys land may get lucky and find vestiges of ancient civilizations.

That helps Ziua underline that one of the 50 official monument sites established for Bucharest is the parcel where the protocol home of President Traian Basescu lies.