The Bucharest Tribunal ruled to reject an official request to arrest Romanian businessman Dinu Patriciu, head of the Rompetrol oil group, after seven hours of debate on Monday. Patriciu told the media before court debates started earlier today that he was sure the Romanian Justice would make him right and called judicial moves against him „a grand abuse" by the current political leadership.

The Romanian Public Ministry called the Tribunal February 16 to issue preventive arrest warrants on Dinu Patriciu and two of his business partners – Philip Stephenson and Colin Hart. All three are suspected of a series of economic crimes including the creation of an organized crime group.

Since, the file has been repeatedly rejected by Bucharest judges but investigators have been pushing for the arrest warrants nonetheless.

Stock Exchange transactions with shares of the Rompetrol Rafinare, part of the Rompetrol Group, were suspended Monday morning pending the court decision.