Thirty three percent of Romanians suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), a problem occurring frequently to below 25 olds, reveals an AB Research survey. Whereas men find it easier to talk about their sexuality, women have difficulties in opening up this subject.

Men blame the ED on stress and exhaustion (42 per cent), cigarettes (18 per cent) and alcohol 10 (per cent.) Women complain about the impossibility to obtain erection (27 per cent) or to keep it (17 per cent).

The study shows that men start their sexual life at 15-18 years old and have 11 contacts per month, while women start later at 19-25, and have sex around five times in a month.

Condom remains the favourite contraception method, followed by pills. However, 18 per cent of Romanian women and 22 per cent of men do not use any contraception.

90 per cent of men and 87 per cent of women with ED take Viagra.