Finland will not ratify Romania and Bulgaria’s EU accession treaties before the country monitoring reports to be issued by the European Commission in May, said State Secretary of Finnish government Antti Peltomaki to Romanian Integration minister Anca Boagiu during her visit to Finland.

The Integration minister stated for that Finland’s intentions did not come as a surprise, it was already known that the Finnish ratification of the treaty is to be done in late May.

Boagiu had a meeting during her visit to Finland with Finnish authorities, to whom she presented Romania’s progress in fighting corruption, border security, agriculture and the absorption of the European funds.

Finland appreciated Romania’s efforts and positive results; however it will ratify the accession treaty only in the wake of the Commission’s report that will offer "a transparent analysis of the reforms taken by the country," according to Peltomaki.

The Finnish president Tarja Halonen is to visit Romania in May, 9-11, before the report to be issued.

Finland's cabinet minister responsible for EU enlargement issues Jari Vilen assured Romania that the treaty will be ratified with a large majority within the Finnish Parliament following progress in anti-corruption fight. Jari Vilen is also expected to visit Romania with the Finnish delegation in May.