The Romanian Liberal Party appointed writer and journalist Mircea Dinescu and CNSAS former secretary Claudiu Secasiu for further membership of the National College of Study of Militia Archives, (CNSAS) two days before the debate in the Parliament over the composition of the body.

Mircea Dinescu was a member of the College, as appointed by the Democratic Party. However, the Liberals decided to appoint Dinescu following his absence on the Democrats’ proposals list, and "due to his excellent knowledge of CNSAS activity and of the civil society," according to liberal MP Crin Antonescu.

The Liberals consider that Dinescu was not appointed by president Traian Basescu because the Romanian state leader "is more of a friend to former Securitate successors."

The parliamentarian political parties, the PM and the president must appoint nine members of the College.

The Presidency appointed Dragos Petrescu whereas the Government chose Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu, most likely to become the president of the College. The debate in the Parliament is due March, 23.