Football abounds in Friday newspapers. Steaua Bucharest beat Betis Sevilla and joined Rapid Bucharest in the quarters of the UEFA Cup. A controversial businessman’s suicide, former supporter of the governing alliance D.A., is covered extensively by the media. Still hot, the subject of Adrian’s Nastase resignation is analyzed thoroughly in the newspapers of Friday.

Jurnalul National underlines the historical dimension of the double Romanian qualification in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup, under the title "Romanian Football nr 1 in Europe"

EVZ writes about the heroes of Steaua, twenty years ago when winning in the same city the European Championship Cup and on Thursday evening when qualifying for the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup.

Cotidianul praises Steaua’s performance that exceeded all expectations referring also to Steaua writing history in Sevilla 20 years ago.

Romania Libera focuses on Rapid’s victory against Hamburg on Wednesday evening, and Mugurel Buga’s performance of becoming the goal-getter of the UEFA Cup.

Paraphrasing the title of a Romanian movie, "The death of Mr. Anghelescu " is the topic on which Jurnalul National writes extensively. Businessman Florian Anghelescu, under investigation for tax evasion, committed suicide.

Initially a supporter of the governing alliance D.A., Anghelescu entered into the spotlight of the IRS when inspectors found thousand of fake stamped cigarettes. His wife was coerced to resign as presidential counsellor. Depressed lately, as described by close friends, he decided to put an end to his life on Thursday morning.

Gandul traces the businessman’s activities on Thursday, before he was found hanged in his basement by the maid. Apparently, Anghelescu paid some money debts before turning back home and ending his life.

Cotidianul writes about Adrian Nastase’s resignation as the speaker of the House presented before the deputy fellows and his supporters’ reproaches towards the management of the party.

Relieved by Nastase’s removal, the European social democrats fear the return of the former Romanian president and recycled communist Ion Iliescu and warn against his comeback.

EVZ article interprets the farewell speech of the fresh former House speaker and draws on the plots behind the scenes that led to Nastase’s withdrawal.

After resignation, Nastase said he regretted the fact that he had been working hard while other PSD members were plotting against him at the Marriot Hotel, hinting at Victor Hrebenciuc, a party mastermind and an excellent "puppeteer".

Jurnalul National also covers the story from the "puppeteer" perspective, making clear that Nastase was accusing Hrebenciuc for his coerced resignation.