The Presidential Administration in Bucharest nominated a historian to become a member of CNSAS, the national body studying the archives of the Securitate, the former communist secret police, a week before the Parliament is due to debate changes to the CNSAS membership.

Dragos Petrescu has published books and studies on the issue and has been the director of the Romanian Institute for Recent History.

His priorities would be to provide free access to the Securitate archives, which have remained away from public eye despite a long history of promises from authorities that these documents would be available for anybody.

„I’ll try to contribute to a clear view of the traumatizing relationship that we Romanians still have with our past. But it will only be done when the Securitate files lose their classified status", Petrescu told

CNSAS is formed of 11 members, nine nominated by parliamentary parties, one by the Presidency and one by the Government.