Although no longer a top political figure after loosing both positions of speaker of the House of Deputies and executive president of the party, Adrian Nastase is very present in Romanian newspapers today following his decision to step down constraint by a non confidence vote on Tuesday evening.

Rapid Bucharest's performance to qualify for the quarters of the UEFA Cup is a topic of major importance for all the Romanian media.

Cotidianul writes that Nastase's relegation was the result of a blackmail staged by the current PSD management that would have resigned if the party leaders had not voted against Nastase within the reunion taking place Tuesday evening.

Jurnalul National also considers that Nastase’s resignation was the result of unorthodox and opaque pressure on the local party leaders.

The party masterminds Mitrea and Hrebenciuc directed the fall of the executive president, according to Ziua.

Gandul reveals the internal struggle within the party whereas Evenimentul Zilei announces that the National Anti-corruption Department gathers all cases involving Adrian Nastase.

Evenimentul Zilei applauds Rapid’s performance in the UEFA Cup, a first in the Romanian football, and looks forward for today match Steaua vs. Betis. Jurnalul National writes about Rapid’s dramatic match lost to Hamburg but with a score allowing the continuation of the race in UEFA cup.

A new subject on the front page is the celebration of Hungary’s national day in the Romanian counties inhabited by a large Hungarian population. Fears of incidents that might have occurred in the wake of fiery statements regarding the autonomy of the Szekler County prompted authorities to issue warnings and deploy police forces.

About 10,000 ethnic Hungarians gathered peacefully in Odorheiul Secuiesc to celebrate Hungary's national day. Gandul informs about the summons of the Romanian Magyar Union leader Marko Bela that all Romanians in the counties of Harghita and Covasna should learn Hungarian.

Evenimentul Zilei writes about the "Odorheiu Republic" taking a break, as thousand demonstrators who were pleading for it did not proclaim it.