Official data provided by the Government regarding the flood situation across the country underestimate the real outlook as revealed by a investigation.

In the southern county of Dolj there are 25 localities affected by floods, 98 people evacuated whereas in the south-western county of Mehedinti there are 22 localities flooded, 52 houses damaged, 360 households seriously affected, 150 persons evacuated and taken care of, informs the Government.

A investigation revealed a graver situation, up to 2000 households under water in Dolj, 40 localities affected and around 8000 ha of agricultural plots compromised. In Mehedinti the waters stroke 2 cities, 26 townships, thousand of persons evacuated and more than 2500 ha of land compromised.

According to sources questioned by, authorities did not intervene accordingly, but with delays and lack of efficiency despite authorities reports of "prompt interventions."

PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu admitted on Monday there were still dams under construction in the wake of last-year flooding that might pose a threat in case of new heavy rain.

The weather forecasts announce rain showers until the end of the week, prompting fears of more severe flooding than last year.