All 29 natural gas providers will increase the price with an average of 3.8 percent according to the consumers category, hence the domestic consumers will pay 3.6 percent more, according to a press release by the National Authority for Regulating Natural Gas (ANRGN).

The domestic consumers (B1 category) will pay 830.68 RON per 1000 cubic metres if provided with gas by Distrigaz Sud and 830.24 RON by Distrigaz Nord.

ANRGN justifies the price increase by the ascending trend of oil prices on the world market within the last 6-9 months.

The Romanian govt seeks to relief pressure on the final consumer and proposes to keep the same gas price in the second quarter of 2006 as in the fourth quarter of 2005 (i.e. $110 for 1000 cubic metre) while offering a social package for the consumers with low revenues.

The last rise of gas prices, of 17 percent, occurred in the beginning of this year. The current increase was approved by the new Advisory Council, where the interests of consumers are equally represented with the operators’.