Severe weather changes have occurred during the first spring days, bringing heavy rain showers and snow in South-Eastern Romania.

The south - western county of Mehedinti faced harsh floods yesterday due to heavy rain. 150 persons were evacuated and spent the night in schools and kindergartens.

The southern county of Dolj was hit by heavy rain as well, rivers and lakes threatening to flood 10,000 persons and many households as dams risk to collapse.

The Eastern part of Romania is paralyzed by snowfalls. Some 50 roads are blocked with some 20 lorries and a few ambulances stuck. Many areas have been isolated due to strong winds and blizzards leaving out households without electricity.

The capital is under snow that has kept falling since Monday evening. The traffic is difficult but the windstorm stopped.

The Black Sea ports have been closed since Monday morning because of powerful winds.

A storm hit Romanian capital Bucharest yesterday, killing one 17 year-old boy and injuring other four persons.