Romanian newspapers are dominated Tuesday by PSD leader Mircea Geoana’s request for Adrian Nastase’s resignation from his party positions and as speaker of the House of Deputies. Frontlines also write about EC vice-president Franco Frattini’s visit to Romania before the Commission’s monitoring report to be issued in May.

The death of a 17 year-old boy caused by the fall of an uprooted tree in Bucharest is also largely covered by the Romanian media.

"Geoana invites Nastase out of the House" writes Cotidianul. Opposition PSD president Geoana offered Nastase the opportunity to step down as speaker of the House and as PSD executive president, a position Nastase had self-suspended. Nastase refused angrily, dismissing party colleague’s request as "absurd". However, he called for new elections in an extraordinary congress.

Nastase’s fate within the party is to be decided today, one day earlier than previously set, within a reunion with local branches leaders.

Gandul paraphrases a Romanian saying in article "Nastase doesn’t let them live the ones who had no courage to let him die." Geoana requested Nastase for the first time to make a gesture of dignity and courage and resign from all positions he holds.

The PSD members loyal to Nastase gathered on Monday for an attempt of extraordinary congress to change the party’s leadership. Other two PSD meetings yesterday ended with Geoana’s invitation for Nastase to leave his positions as the main culprit for the decline in party popularity and with Nastase’s promise to no longer run for any position within the party.

The Evenimentul Zilei newspaper, a very vocal publication against Adrian Nastase, dedicates a larger coverage to the subject, and also presents an interview with the top PSD political figure.

Under the umbrella title "Nastase, sharks and aunt Tamara" Adrian Nastase answers evasively questions about his wealth, rumors proclaiming him the richest man in Romania, the contradiction between his political credo and his real possessions, influential friends and the most controversial inheritance – a valuable house- from aunt Tamara.

Nastase keeps saying that the Zambaccian case is Romanian president Traian Basescu’s revenge. "He plans to make PSD loose sympathy until this fall by attacking the party’s leaders."

Nastase also elaborates on his protection over the big sharks while in office as prime minister." I didn’t mean to create disequilibria in the government, or within the party, or in the economy, as I had a deadline by December 2004 to close negotiations with EU(…) Of course, I pay now for something I did for the general interest"

The Romanian media write about the European Commissison vice president paying a visit to Romania before the May report. Franco Frattini came to Bucharest without red flags but with proposals of monitoring Romania after the EC’s decision regarding the accession date, writes Cotidianul.

Frattini drew attention that Justice and Internal Affairs was a key priority for Romania’s accession, and expressed the European satisfaction with the progress in the field, congratulating the commitment of Justice and Internal affairs ministers Monica Macovei and Vasile Blaga.

"If I showed optimism at my last visit here, I now can say I am even more optimistic" said Frattini quoted by

Gandul ensuring that the report to be released in May was definitely going to be a positive one.

The stormy weather within the last two days produced five victims in Bucharest yesterday, one of which, a 17 year-old boy was killed by an uprooted tree, the Romanian media informs.