The Bucharest Appeal Court will rule on Monday its decision regarding the appeal by the Romanian businessman Ovidiu Tender who challenged his preventive arrest verdict ruled March 3 by the Bucharest Tribunal.

The Bucharest Tribunal decided to issue a preventive custody mandate for the Romanian businessman instead of banning him to leave the country.

The defense lawyers requested the appeal on grounds of frail health condition, accusing the prosecutors of ruling the preventive arrest before the health certificate was issued.

Tender was grilled by the prosecutors Thursday but stated he did not know what accusations were brought to him, nor who did he harm. He also admitted knowing lawyer Gheorghe Cotofana whose taped dialogue with expert Cristian Bejenaru represented a probe in the case but explained that the talk did not concern him.

Official charges against him include money laundering, participation to an organized crime group and complicity to fraud in activities related to SC RAFO Onesti and SC Carom SA