A general declining trend dominated the stock market on Thursday.

BET indexes closed down 3.2 % lower than yesterday.

The total volume of transactions reached 50 mln RON, with Banca Transilvania (TLV) as the most traded - 7.5 mln RON. TLV closed down at 1.46 RON/ share (- 1.4 %.) BRD recorded a 9 per cent decline compared to the peak of this year, closing down today at 18.2 RON (-3.7%).

Rompetrol Rafinare (RRC) returned to the Bucharest Stock Exchange on Friday after a day of suspension, leading to an increase of liquidity from the first hours of the trading day – 67.5 mln RON.

After a short drop on opening, to a minimum of 0.0910 RON/share, RRC recovered shortly but closed down at 0.0935 (– 7.4 %.)

The Financial Investment Funds (SIFs) seemed to see a better day during the morning with 1% boosts for those who fell considerably earlier this week and stagnation for the rest, but closed down with 2 -3 per cents lower than yesterday.