Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) posted profits of 200 mln Euros in 2005, up 15.5 per cent, i.e. 100.2 mln RON, compared to the previous year, announced a press release issued by the bank.

According to the BCR’s CEO, the profit recorded makes up 35 per cent of the entire Romanian banking system.

Revenues recorded 6 per cent increase, of 2,294 mln RON, interests went down 5.9 per cent from 1423.1 mln to 1339.8 mln RON. Commissions brought 646.7 mln RON, a 12.6 per cent growth.

Revenues from banking operations recorded 109.7 per cent increase, up to 223.1 mln RON.

The most wanted loan was "Credit retail" recording growths of 60 – 86 per cent in RON and Euros.

BCR policy promoted the orientation towards the Romanian currency – 56 % of the portfolio- given a background dominated by the Euro.

In 2005 the network expanded with 60 subsidiaries up to 372. The bank employs more than 11,500 persons.

Unicredit Romania posted a net profit of 1.24 mln Euros last year, up 48 per cent than in 2004. The total assets recorded a 74 per cent growth compared to the previous year, reaching 55 mln euros. The total revenues of 38.6 mln euros represent a 45 per cent growth than in 2004.

Loans reached 308 mln euros up 60 per cent whereas deposits grew 33 per cent up to 245 mln Euros.

In 2005, the network expanded to 50 units, compared to 34 in 2004, covering 30 urban centers in Romania.

The UniCredit Group, valued at 60 bln euros, is the main share holder of the UniCredit Romania, but is also present in Romania through HVB Bank Romania and Banca Tiriac.