The agreement on the US military bases in Romania signed between the authorities of the two NATO states entails the presence of the American troops on Romanian territory for at least ten year, if none of the signatories demands for the cease.

It also mentions training and residence camps, equipment and security areas, but fails to clarify the jurisdiction under which the US military troops are placed while in Romania in case of any wrongdoing.

Secretary of state with the Ministry of Defense Marius Balu ensures that all operations will unfold within the Romanian legal system and according to the international agreements.

Secretary of state with the Integration Ministry Teodor Baconsky elaborated on the accords NATO-SOFA and SOFA Additional that do not provide immunity for the American military in case of a wrongdoing, unlike the case of the Romanian rock singer Teo Peter killed by a US marine trialed in the United States and acquitted of manslaughter guilt.

The agreement does not leave out the possibility of launching military operations on the Romanian territory and there is no formal obligation on the US behalf to request permission for such actions.