The World Travel and Tourism Council has published its Top Ten of countries with the highest pace of growth in tourism development. For the third consecutive year, Montenegro tops the list, while Romania comes fourth with a tourism development potential of 8% in 2007-2016.

Worldwide tourism activities develop very fast, but it’s most interesting how small countries such as Croatia, Romania or Albania use tourism to develop economically, WTTC representative Jean-Claude Baumgarten says.

Travel and tourism spending exceeded 6,000 billion US dollars last year, up 5.5% compared to 2005.

In Romania, economic activities related to tourism will top 7 billion US dollar in 2006, the study says.


1) Montenegro 10.2

2)China 8.7

3) India 8.0

4) Romania 7.9

5) Croatia 7.6

6) Vietnam 7.5

7) Latvia 7.3

8) Maldives 7.2

9) Albania 7.0

10) Cambogia 7.0