The car division of Bosch will target cheap cars such as the Romanian Dacia Logan and others in Eastern Europe, China and India as a substantial part for company growth in the coming period, division head Bernd Bohr said in an interview for Financial Times.

Bohr said the Bosch group has noticed the latest growth trends for the cheap cars market, that is – cars under 7,000 euro. The company estimates this sector will have a pace of growth three times faster than that of the whole market. This will generate 12 million cheap units out of a total of 80 million by 2015, according to the Bosch representative.

He said the potential of cheap cars lately was revealed by Logan, for which Bosch delivers ABS systems, radio and electrical engine controls.

More than a year ago, Bosch took over bankruptcy-striken US car parts producer Delphi, which allowed it to launch a series of new products in 2005.