The deputy chairman of the Rompetrol group, Phil Stephenson, and Colin hart, representative of a Cyprus-based company, faced Bucharest Tribunal judges on Friday in hearings related to a request for their arrest issued by the Office of the Prosecutor General in Romania, according to press agency reports.

According to a Rompetrol press release, Stephenson opted to go to court despite that the subpoena did not follow the international law.

Phil Stephenson and Colin Hart are charged with several economic crimes related to the formation of a cross-border organized crime network and the manipulation of the Stock Exchange in Bucharest.

They are charged in the same case as Dinu Patriciu, head of the Rompetrol group.

Phil Stephenson, who is no longer a resident of Romania, said he chose to face court in the hope the Romanian Justice would comply with the law and would allow him to prove his innocence.