What the new Logan Steppe can and can’t do, how two priests shot a porn movie and how much a public servant earns in Romania draw considerable interest from Romanian newspapers today, while House speaker returns to the spotlight with a controversial vote in Parliament and the hospitalization of his wife.

"Dana Nastase chose the hospital instead of the Anti-Corruption Department (DNA), while Adrian Nastase turned the criminal inquiry against him into a soap opera" writes Cotidianul.

Why? Dana Nastase was hospitalized with chest pains yesterday morning, when she was supposed to face prosecutors in the graft case she is charged in along her husband Adrian Nastase, speaker of the Romanian House of Deputies.

Nastase, for himself, was in Parliament for a vote by his Social Democratic parliamentarians on a request by Justice minister Monica Macovei to allow a search at the House speaker’s home in Bucharest. The vote rejected the request by a large majority, as expected, in an open doors session meant to guarantee full transparency.

Nastase used this to "speak before the cameras for half an hour, in a pathetic and tentatively tragic plea against the house search request, Romania Libera writes.

And for the sake of this telenovela, his wife Dana "suffered from the DNA syndrome yesterday", according to Cotidianul.

And Evenimentul Zilei shows how the Floreasca hospital that hosts Dana Nastase is the working place of many doctors-members of the PSD party, many of them involved in other corruption scandals related to the Nastases’ business deals.

In another story, High Court prosecutors may launch an inquiry into the wealth of four top Democratic Party leaders including minister Vasile Blaga and Bucharest mayor Adriean Videanu.

That is because the Academic Society of Public Administration "Europe" submitted a notification to the High Court Prosecutor’s Office asking it to check the wealth statements submitted by the four, as they differ from data obtained by journalists in a series of articles lately, Realitatea TV reports.

Weak points come to light when it comes to the new car model launched by Romanian car producer Dacia, Dacia Logan Steppe.

At first sight, the car has trouble with the trunk and the rearview windows, which led analysts to claim Renault might have hurried to fast to unveil the car at the Geneva international car show earlier this week, according to Evenimentul Zilei.

And AutoNews consider the starting price for the new car, to be put on sale in autumn, might stand below the 7,000 euro threshold.

That would be a low enough price for Romanian public servants. According to a Ziarul Financiar report, they earn thrice as much as the average Romanian employee, with their 670 euro gross salary. And the High Court officials may earn as much as 1,900 euro monthly, according to the report.

Back to the grassroots, money might have determined two priests in the Moldovan village of Costesti to shoot a porno movie in which the main character is played by Moise (Romanian for Moses), a local councilor. Moise, whose official seat Father Petrica Florea would like to obtain, was lured by a teenager girl to an apartment.

The sexual adventure was shot incognito-style by the two Church figures, according to Gandul.

Meanwhile, the national football team of Romania proved more transparent with a show of force against Slovenia in the international friendly tourney organized by Cyprus these days. Romania repeated its 2-0 victory against Armenia on Tuesday with a 2-0 against Slovenia yesterday, which meant they took home the trophy.

The Romanian team "is successful, but only when it doesn’t matter", Evenimentul Zilei considers.