Romania’s population will shrink to 17 million by 2051 compared to the last figure recorded in 2004 of 21.7 million, and half million Romanians will leave the country, forecasts a Eurostat survey.

The EU Statistics Office's Eurostat projection is based on assumptions of fertility, mortality and migration. All premises show that on a long term Europe’s population will grow older and migration cannot counterbalance the population’s decrease.

The survey forecasts that in 2010 Romania’s population will gradually decrease to 21.3 mln, in 2030 to 19.2 mln, and to 17.1 mln in 2050. However, if all coordinates generate an increase in population, by 2050 Romania will have 21.5 mln inhabitants, whereas the population will decrease to 13.9 mln Romanians by 2050, if all coordinates lead to reduction.

According to the Eurostat forecast the Romanian emigrants will top 480 mln persons by 2051.