The Romanian parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) rejected the justice ministry’s request to search two houses belonging to former PM and current House of Deputies' speaker Adrian Nastase, following the same decision taken by the Judicial Commission of the House on February 22.

The secret vote revealed an overwhelming majority against the search: 87 against, 2 in favor.

Adrian Nastase said all bribe accusations were ridiculous and the house search illegal, and the only purpose of this investigation was to disqualify him as a political figure and to discredit PSD.

House of Deputies regulations stated that after the search request left the Judicial Commission and later on the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party, it would be forwarded to the Permanent Board and would be debated upon by the House of Deputies that was to cast its judgment within 20 days.

PSD's decision is advisory, the final decision lies with the House of Deputies.