The Romanian industry, construction works, retail and services activities will intensify in the next three months, according to a survey by the National Statistics Institute that forecasts a growth in the manufacturing industry of 18 per cent, and 23 per cent for small enterprises.

Industry prices will go up 24 per cent, yet the number of employees decreases with 6 per cent.

Construction works will boost 30 per cent, and so will the number of employees up 9 percent, but prices will soar up 47 per cent.

Retail trade embarks on a moderate ascending trend, according to managers’ forecasts. 32 percent consider that the economic situation will improve whereas 55 per cent say it will stay the same. 15 per cent foresee a regress in the dynamic of the economic field.

Prices in retail trade will go up l 38 per cent, and employees' number will increase in small enterprises.

Services will keep a positive trend based on the turnover’s increase. Prices will soar and so will the number of employees.