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McDonald’s likely to be dragged into lawsuits

Marţi, 28 februarie 2006, 0:00

McDonald’s failed to provide ingredient information regarding its products, the French fries in particular, annoying customers and exposing itself to what might turn into a long series of trials.

McDonald’s recently admitted that the fries contained wheat, and dairy based components. Following announcement, the company’s management faced a wave of complaints and was sued three times by customers suffering of Celiac disease, an illness that does not tolerate gluten from wheat.

According to the company’s website, the fries do contain wheat and dairy sources yet the product does not contain any of the top 8 food allergens, nor food sensitivities such as gluten.

The lack of gluten in the French fries was demonstrated by a physician from Nebraska University Steven Taylor, says McDonald’s manager Jack Daly. got in contact with Cristian Savu, PR manager of McDonald's Romania who explained that the products commercialized in Romania abide by all national and European food safety regulations.

Last year McDonald’s was fined $ 8.5 mln due to refusal of decreasing the trans fat level in the oil it employs. Trans fat — also called trans fatty acids — are unsaturated fats formed when liquid oils are made into solid fats like shortening and hard margarine.

Hydrogen is added to vegetable oil in a process called hydrogenation, which increases the shelf life and flavor stability of foods containing these fats.

They are found in vegetable shortening, some margarines, crackers, candies, baked goods, snack foods, cookies, fried foods, salad dressing and many processed foods.

Trans fat was banned in Canada and Denmark following recommendations by the World Health Organization.

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