The second half of the Bucharest Stock exchange session on Tuesday recorded significant indices decreases of 2-3 per cent while the value of the shares traded reached 56.8 RON, following a few days of relative calm that predicted an upsurge in transactions.

Oil market: Petrom Bucuresti (SNP) operated transactions of more than 10 million shares, whereas Rompetrol Refinery (RRC) a little over 13 million, equivalent of a modest liquidity.

Both recorded slides and closed down at minimum, but SNP posted a 4 per cent drop to 0.5959 RON while RRC lost 2.6 percent to 0.1140 RON.

Banking market: Banca Transilvania shares slid in the second half of the session and closed at 1.4700 RON (-1.3 percent). BRD – Groupe Societe Generale (BRD) listed shares closed at 18.7, with a 5.1% drop compared to Monday.

One of the most significant drops in liquid listed shares was recorded by SSIF Broker Cluj-Napoca (BRK), which opened up with very close to 4 and closed down to 3.95 (-5.3 per cent), The total volume exceeded 230 thousand shares.

SIF market: The most considerable drop was registered by SIF Oltenia (SIF 5) which closed at 2.84 RON. 3.44 million shares were traded, valued at almost 10 million RON.

RASDAQ: Mittal Steel Roman (PTRO) shares went up from 8.5 RON to 9.65 RON (+24.4 percent), recording an increase of 127.1 percent since the beginning of 2006.