The eight competitors hoping to take over the soon to be privatized Romanian electricity company Electrica Muntenia Sud have been found "ok" as long as the documentation they submitted is concerned, following a thorough analyses of all offers by the Romanian negotiation commission with consultant PWC.

All submitted offers comply with legal requests and follow the privatization rules set by the Bucharest authorities. All eight companies were informed on the decision.

The technical offers are due to pe analyzed in the near future.

The eight companies that submitted offers for Electrica Muntenia Sud are:

1. AES Corporation - USA;

2. ČEZ as – the Czech Republic;

3. Enel SpA - Italy;

4. EVN AG - Austria;

5. Gaz de France - France;

6. Iberdrola SA - Spain;

7. RWE Energy AG – Germany;

8. Union Fenosa International – Spain.