The secretary general of the main opposition party in Romania, Miron Mitrea, said Tuesday a subpoena he received from the National Anti-Corruption Department a day earlier was a "misunderstanding". Judiciary sources quoted by the media have said he was subpoenaed in relation to a graft case opened against former PM Adrian Nastase.

A former Transport minister in the Social Democratic (PSD) government led by Nastase in 2000-2004, Mitrea was quoted by the Realitatea TV news channel that he was not informed about the claims brought against him.

He only suspected it was about the so-called Zambaccian case in which his former boss stands accused.

He said he was due to meet the prosecutors on February 22 but that he knew nothing about possible charges.

PSD leader Mircea Geoana said Tuesday that he would not ask Mitrea to resign as secretary general of the party and that the political group supported him against this "political harassment" similar, in the view of PSD, to that Nastase was facing.