The Romanian Government took responsibility before the joint houses of the Parliament on Monday for a package of 17 laws of health reform. The package was presented by PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu after numerous amendments were accepted following a week of debates on the issue.

The prime minister said the Romanian health system was rotten from the inside and shows major deficiencies from the lack of transparency in fund management to conflicts of interests, corruption and malpractice.

He said taking responsibility for the laws instead of leaving them at the hands of parliamentarians should not be read as a move to reject the importance of the Parliament but as a move of support for radical and fast reform.

The opposition Social Democratic and the Grater Romania parties announced they would submit a motion against the government because "they reject a serious parliamentarian debate on this package of laws".

The Government approved the package and sent it to Parliament for discussion on February 3. Over 400 amendments have been submitted to the Health Ministry since then.