Dan Voiculescu, leader of the Conservative Party, member of the governing coalition, criticized Romanian president Traian Basescu for his alleged quasi-communist policy, similar to former Romanian leader Ion Iliescu’s manner of ruling.

During the party’s national congress on February, 12, the Conservative leader asked the Romanian president to stop discrediting the business environment in the name of a "people’s revolution against the greedy capitalists and the corrupted political class."

Moreover, Voiculescu recommended the Romanian president encourage the business environment and initiate consultations with the businesspeople, a category of major importance in the view of the country’s accession to the European Union.

Voiculescu stood up for the businesspeople that "must be very courageous to get involved in politics," a decision that triggers thorough investigation into their businesses by the Anticorruption National Department (DNA).

The Conservative leader also disapproved with the media show put up by the DNA, "the cheapest setting" for creating political scandals.

Dan Voiculescu's attack on the President and the Democratic Party, also a part of the governing coalition, was read by many newspapers today as a sign the Conservatives ar allying with the National Liberal Party and the Hungarian Democrats - two other governing groups - against the Democrats.

The Democrats have the highest support among Romanians according to the latest polls. They are pleading for the current governing alliance to join ranks with the European Popular Party, a move which the Liberals have opposed so far.